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The Dandelion Princess

by Sandra Rippetoe ©2021

Near Forest-So-Green in a lovely sloped meadow
lived a dandelion princess who in March showed her shadow.

She’d most likely appear in a morn’s misty dew –
mysterious was she and magical too.

A creative spirit and keeper of the land,
she could heal the earth with the touch of her hand.

She brought the dandelions which in turn brought the bee
and everyone knows the bee’s service is key.

Without pollination we’d have growling tummies
from all the failed crops, and menus . . . not yummy.

One especially cold spring, the princess couldn’t be found.
People searched in the country and also in town.

“Where is she? What’s happened? Just what shall we do?”
They spoke to the heavens and prayed in the pew.

They decided to talk to tiny seed guarding gnome.
He was her friend – they set off for his home
under the tree roots in Forest-So-Green.
They called out his name since he couldn’t be seen.

“I have not spied her. This year is so strange.”
explained the small gnome, “It’s a worrisome change.
But it’s my opinion perhaps she is hiding.
She goes by the rules . . . laws of nature abiding.
Let’s hope, by April, she then will come out.
Without her our lives would be altered, no doubt!”

April came and went with no dandelion princess.
On the 1st day of May things looked grim, I confess.

But then on May 2nd in the late afternoon,
she arrived at long last – not a minute too soon.

The fields and the forests became dotted with yellow.
The bees came thereafter – winter left without bellow.

It was such a relief to see everything green.
And the dandelion princess?! A most beautiful scene

because when she arrived then springtime could start,
and the world came to life, and hope filled each heart.