Before High Tide

by Sandra Rippetoe ©2021

Once upon a time on a lovely beach front land
a talented woman drew pictures in the sand.

Her name was Notseen. She lived all alone.
Her home, small and humble, was made out of stone.

She’d come out each day well before high tide.
So she’d get to finish . . . a short time to abide.

Her art was amazing but details couldn’t stay.
The tide would come in and wash them away.

At that point the design, forever, was gone
except for the pictures taken by Brawn.

Each day after Notseen returned to her home,
Brawn quickly popped out snapping photos on a phone.

As fast as he arrived, he’d then disappear.
Notseen didn’t know he was anywhere near.

People said to her often,”Please make a display
so your art can be seen – all day every day.”

Notseen replied softly, “That doesn’t match life.
Images come and then go. There’s beauty then strife.”

Her beach art continued for many long years.
Then one day it stopped, prompting art viewers’ fears.

She  no longer showed up to draw in the sands. . . .
too difficult a task since she’d lost steady hands.

But still she’d go out to take in the view.
On one special day her eyes saw something new!
She couldn’t believe it!  Such colorful hues!

A long line of billboards with years of her art –
those drawn in sands past with much love in her heart.

Brawn had studied each one . . . added color with care.
He was an artist himself.  No one else would have dared.

The old woman was moved. He took her hand frail.
They walked the beach slowly leaving wet footprint trails.

Notseen had not known anyone cared that much.
Her heart felt renewed. Her spirit was touched.

‘Twas a permanent feeling that stuck like a rhyme. . . .
all else smoothed away by the polished sands of time.