Dr. Wacky McLoud Fixes Misty Mount’s Clouds

Sandra Rippetoe © 2020

Once upon a time in the Land-of-Nature’s-Rhyme-and-Reason
the people of Cloudville enjoyed daily cloud breezing.

They traveled ten miles up, to get to their town –
towards Misty Mount Peak then ‘round Nature Mound.

On top of that mound on a flat granite rock,
sits chilly Cloudville where the snowy birds flock.

The people who live there see clouds passing through. . .
all day and all night. Way more than a few.

Children play special games like cloud hide and seek,
shooting cloud puffballs, and find-the-cloud with a leak.

On the rare day of warmth, they cool off in the snow
by hiking the Cloud Trail to the Point of Freezeau.

All was well ‘til one day . . . the weather just stopped.
Clouds filled up their town from bottom to top.

Clouds blocked all the roads and plugged up their schools.
No work could be done. People couldn’t see tools!

You could hear hungry tummies – clouds fogged kitchen tables.
Horses neighed for more hay with clouds stuffed in their stables.

Those stuck stubborn clouds were nothing but trouble.
And the people of Cloudville grew tired of cloud rubble.

The mayor finally announced, “At town hall we’ll meet.”
They turned on big fans to keep clouds off each seat.

“I’m going to do something about these stalled clouds!
I promise to fix it!” the Cloudville mayor vowed.
“I’ll contact the best, Wacky McLoud, P.h.D.
He’s an expert on clouds, wind, and weather, you see . . .”

McLoud arrived the next day making terrible noise.
He was loud in all ways. Otherwise, he was poised.

Packed in his bag were gadgets, gismos, and gears.
He got right to work. People covered their ears!

Clink, Clank, Bang, Bing! Swish, Ring-ee, Ding-ee, Flop!
This went on for weeks . . . people wished it would stop.

Finally the mayor said, “Dr. Wacky McLoud
has compiled a report. I’m sure we’re all proud.”

McLoud took the floor. He did not need the mic.
They asked him to whisper. His voice STILL boomed – yikes!
“I’ve done all the math and spent six weeks figuring.
In my expert opinion, your clouds are dithering.”

“Dithering?!” people gasped. “You’ve got to be kidding!
Just what shall we do . . . to make clouds do our bidding?!”

Dr. McLoud explained,
“Some clouds are fluffy. Some . . . dark and foreboding.
Some are fair-weather, rain-filled, or snow-holding.
You must understand each type that dithers.
Answers will vary, but they’ll move yon and hither.
Please note my large chart – it explains what to do
for each type of cloud . . .  your clouds will move through.”

The townspeople doubted. They thought they’d been rooked.
Nonetheless, they tried it. They waited. They looked.

It started out slow. A few could be budged.
The pace then picked up. Clouds were easily nudged.

It seemed his instructions were absolutely true.
Some say Mother Nature just knew what to do.
Regardless, their world has come back into view.

Happy days have returned to that town in the sky . . .
with clouds breezing through . . . and the people know why.