The Very Loud Snore of Señor Squirrel zzz-Zoar

by Sandra Rippetoe ©2020  
for Jean Tucker

Once upon a time in the Land-of-Nature’s-Rhyme-and-Reason
the forest was in turmoil because of loud zzzzz-eezin’

Animals knew the source. It was Señor Squirrel zzz-Zoar.
The talk of the trees was his very loud snore!

He was the nicest squirrel you’d ever care to meet.
He welcomed all visitors, “Come in. Have a seat.”

He would offer them nuts and show teeth-y grins.
They never left hungry. He had lots of friends.

But when he napped . . . watch out! His very loud snore
rattled everyone’s windows and shook open each door!

One day Jack the Rabbit hopped out for a snack
munching tender grasses from front woods to back,

Then loud rumbling echoed, like a fierce lion’s roar.
Everyone knew that noise. It was Señor zzz-Zoar’s snore!

Mockingbird made music. He sang a fine tune,
a lovely sweet song, from daylight till noon.

But when Señor slept late, they could listen no more.
zzz-Zoar drowned out the song with his ear piercing snore!

Robin the Red said, “The earthworms hide deep.
I can’t feed my babies when zzz-Zoar is asleep.

And I’ll tell you why . . . the calm forest floor
starts shaking and quaking because of zzz-Zoar’s snore!”

Animals didn’t trust the sly Mock C. Fox
despite clever words, “That squirrel needs a box!”

Chattery Chipmunk proclaimed, “I know where to go.
I’ll visit Uncle Beaver. He’s an engineer, ya’ know.”

She packed a small bag – and ignored her chores.
She was quite happy to escape Señor’s snores.

It was a bit of a hike all the way to the river.
Chattery wasted no time, “We need help, Uncle Beaver.”

All day and all night she detailed the snoring.
She told the whole story – it got a bit boring . . .

Uncle Beaver broke in, “Mock C.’s right. Speak no more.
You need a container for Señor zzz-Zoar’s snore.”

He went right to building not a square house, but round,
with triple thick windows plus panels to block sound.

“This here will do it. You have my guarantee.
From Señor Squirrel’s snores, at last you’ll be free!”

“Thanks, Uncle Beaver!” the grateful chipmunk cheered,
“Your work is the best – it’s sharp-teeth engineered!”

Chattery asked for help from dear turtle Nell.
“We have to get this back – your shell will work well.”

They left the river and headed toward the woods.
It was a slow pace for Nell. She did the best she could. . .

They arrived and called out, “zzz-Zoar would you be so kind. . .
to try this new house? We hope you don’t mind.”

“¡Wow! ¡Caray!” said the squirrel. “What a fancy design!
My nest looks so plain! Is this really mine?!”

To get to the point, make a long story short –
zzz-Zoar’s new home worked great! Not even a snort . . .

or a grunt or a burp, not once could be heard,
and never, ever, a snore! Uncle Beaver kept his word.

Life returned to normal with forest sounds once more.
Indeed that was the end of Señor zzz-Zoar’s snore!