The Legend of Tree-Woman

by Sandra Rippetoe © 2020
For my friends in Spirit of Sophia
In honor of and with reverence for ~~ Trees ~~

Once upon a time many years ago in a world far away
“We will never forget 2020. . . . ” you could hear people say.

It was a time of masked smiles for a very long year.
It was a time of sad hearts with many a tear.

A great disease taxed the land and the dear people too.
With controversy and division they debated what to do.

People were struggling – many ideas seemed to fail
until Tree-Woman arrived. Please listen to this tale.

She was part Woman and also part Tree.
Though she was bound to the earth, her breath was quite free.

When she breathed out, people more easily breathed in.
And this happened equally in women, children, and men.

But it took a lot of suffering for a very long while
until people found Tree-Woman and her much needed smile.

Before she was discovered, nature’s creatures were dying.
Life’s goal was more money – – and the focus was on buying.

But then she gently whispered a message in each person’s ear.
It was as light as a breeze and spoke not of fear.

“Trees, trees, trees must be planted, planted, planted.
Life will return with your wishes for health granted.”

And so the people heard and took up the tasks.
When the time was right, they tossed away their masks.

The Tree-Woman in her glory can still be seen today.
Please don’t forget her message because it’s the only way

for nature’s creatures and people to peacefully live together . . .
all animals and plants, insects, and birds of feather.

We are all one family in this interdependent web of life.
When we take care of each other, there’s so much less strife.

The trees do their part to give us healthy clean air.
We simply must revere them and show them great care.

Even the dandelion with its small yellow face
is food for the bees and deserves people’s grace.

And so the time of great suffering ended at last.
The future was redeemed. Pain was placed in the past.

And each year on that day when Tree-Woman first spoke,
the people go to their trees, admiring each leafy cloak,

and give thanks for the clean air and breathe it in deep.
And the older ones who still remember sometimes wail and weep.

The trees’ leaves whisper comfort in each lofty song
and the people whisper back, ”This is where we belong.”